Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Something to read

While the ever-entertaining Kendo World Forums is down (again?!), without getting everyone bored with my suburi schedule, here's some interesting light readings I found...

Kendo Goes Global: Participation in Internationals at All-time High (August 15, 2003)

Alexander Bennett: A Journey to the Heart of Kendo (August 11, 2003)

Mooto News: Is Japan's Kendo Dynasty Indestructible? (July 30, 2003)

* * * * * EDIT * * * * *

Here's a response to an email from reader Andre:-

Just to clarify: "taking one breath on every 10 hayasuburi cuts using two kodachi" is probably my bad exaggeration (uhmm where is my English??)...

To describe it better, I really focus on breath counting today... On the first 30 it's around 8 cuts inhale, 2 cuts exhale. There are of course, moments where I just hold my breath. But this breathing pattern gets messy from the 60th cut onwards - roughtly the time when I feel "lets take a break". However by mentally staying calm while enjoying the music beats, I can actually last the whole 100 hayasuburi, even though the inhale-exhale rate is much faster (yet under control).

Other things I notice on my third day of 500 hayasuburi (I *hope* from now on the days I can't get to the dojo I'll be going through this):-
1) Rammstein isn't playing 1 beat per second - and I am cutting more than 10 cuts in 10 seconds, so I am actually doing 550+ cuts.
2) It's getting like summer here so I need a shower before dinner.
3) I probably need a new CD soon.


Iustin said...

Sorry to say :), but your suburi schedule is not boring - it reminds me I have to train harder... Anyway, interesting reading.

Mingshi said...

Now, go do your own suburi!!