Thursday, March 10, 2005


It seems like sickness comes periodically. According to my diary, in Jul, Sept, Nov 04 and Jan 05, there was a week in which I was "very sick", to the point where I have to skip kendo (!).

This is one of the weeks. At this very moment while I should be at the dojo, I am coughing my lungs out. This is the 3rd consecutive week that I did not show up for a Thurs practice. I must have let Eda-sensei down... :(

Tho this is Hong Kong and I can't really attend the class coughing everywhere. There was this SARS epidemic and I cannot terrorize fellow dojo mates...

To compensate for the missing class, I did 300 suburi today using a heavy suburi-to hidden at home. I think squad training this Sunday should be harder than the previous week. I hope I can be back in shape by then and survive more hayasuburi.


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Andoru said...

Get well soon!