Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sorting Things Out

Oops - I haven't even started touching the photojournal. We've got that distant earthquake (My seat was swinging back and forth while I was staring at my laptop from my 16th floor flat). Email broke down for 36+ hours, and work piled up with every client rushing me to send them revisions. I'm probably gonna be trapped at home working on crappy leaflets, websites and such. Personal projects will be postponed until further notice. Hondon ni gomennasai...

Seems like I'm going to have my Xmas holiday sitting in front of my computer 10am-10pm as usual! Can't believe everyone wants their work to be done at the same damn time AND on MY holiday...

Only the world's smartest a$$es will be checking my Flickr for some teaser pics ------>

There are a couple of ideas for my 13th WKC photojournal . Since I don't have much shiai pics to go with (since I did't have a VIP pass to shoot from the arena level), maybe I should do better things with them. So far the structure will go as:-

** Please suggest COOLer titles to go with **

Before, During & After
- some chronological photos from the opening ceremony, fights, awards, etc.

Off the court and around the stadium
- audience, bogu stalls, anime-manga convention peeps

The Ultimate Kamae Challenge
- highlights for some Jodan players, Jodan vs Chudan, Nito, etc.

Annyeong haseyo
- Glorious moments for Team S. Korea I captured

13th WKC Kendo Jacket Fashion Showcase
- basically a collage of what everyone was wearing

British Corner
- dedicated to friends from Team GB (including an experimental film)

Taipei sightings
- Obviously some travel snaps to go with, i.e. street foodstalls, around town, Taipei 101, etc.


Will need to spare time to put everything up during Xmas.

Monday, December 11, 2006

So You've Bloody Missed It

So you've heard the news. Result for the 13th WKC men's team:-

S. KOREA First Place
USA 2nd Place

Chinese Taipei got beaten by Korea.
Japan GOT BEATEN by USA (something like 1:0, 0:1, 1:0 , 0:1, 2:0)

It's all f***ed up and sorry you've goddamn missed it.

You might think that we all arranged it and I am telling you that some team other than Japan got 1st but ITS FREAKING TRUE at 1.50am after a few drinks offered by the British team.

But you can still get ready for Kendo Nippon's coverage on it and look at it yourself.

(why do I bother plugging in my laptop on a Monday Morning....????)

Friday, December 08, 2006

From Taipei

Smell it.

Busy with work - more later.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Rushing Up

Devoted the weekend to Nihongo - sat 2 JLPT exams and they turned out to be easier than expected.

Now I am struggling to finish projects up for 5 different clients, all setting deadlines in a week. If I delay the projects, I might lose the deal because clients will find someone else. Might have to bring along my laptop instead of bogu. (Or just the kote to have them patched up)

There's also something else happened, making me to give up on my NTD 1200 seat on the second day. Also that I'll have to change hotels on 2 nights (i.e. have to carry laptop, camera and stuff to the stadium)... I thought I'm going to treat myself better by not staying in a youth hostel, but things suddenly become so poorly arranged that I have to apologize to myself!!