Monday, December 04, 2006

Rushing Up

Devoted the weekend to Nihongo - sat 2 JLPT exams and they turned out to be easier than expected.

Now I am struggling to finish projects up for 5 different clients, all setting deadlines in a week. If I delay the projects, I might lose the deal because clients will find someone else. Might have to bring along my laptop instead of bogu. (Or just the kote to have them patched up)

There's also something else happened, making me to give up on my NTD 1200 seat on the second day. Also that I'll have to change hotels on 2 nights (i.e. have to carry laptop, camera and stuff to the stadium)... I thought I'm going to treat myself better by not staying in a youth hostel, but things suddenly become so poorly arranged that I have to apologize to myself!!


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