Friday, September 14, 2007

Need a Break

The clock said 15 minutes left of the night's practice, but I couldn't stand the wrist pain and had to drop out after only a round of jikeiko.

...I could have stopped on the first thing we did in full bogu - kirikaeshi. The rebouncing shinai sent tears in my eyes. For the rest of the practice I spent all my energy trying to hit without the pain. The path of my swing went very wavy as I observed. Ended up using excessive right hand power, or not enough power, or letting go of the shinai...

It's been really "itchy" just watching at the side for the past two weeks. That's why I wanted to get back to training this Thurs, but obviously my healing rate is not fast enough.

Should I be reminded that, a break will be all I need for the next few weeks until my wrist feels perfect doing suburi? For the rest of the month I should focus on getting my club jacket done... Grrrr

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Key Points:-

To Start: Keep proper tsuba-zeriai to protect yourself as in chudan
Step 1: Hit hard on the same spot with right foot stamping
Step 2: Escape as fast as you could
Step 3: Strong kiai

Our latest ninja senpai, Minejima-san, volunteers to spend a few training session on Hiki-waza.

...I was unable to train for the second week running because of a wrist injury from motorbiking (I should say I was not at all talented at that). Probably I should be spending the whole Sep resting my wrist, and get some mitori-keiko after work. I hate the feeling of not being able to do anything.