Friday, June 30, 2006


This is from the "club celebration" we had last Sat, while I've stopped training for the week in an attempt to heal my injured left ankle. (It's now 90% fine, only minor extending problem that keep me moving in straight...)

We had 5 members grabbing Top 3 at the 3 divisions of the individual taikai the other month, plus a load of kids winning almost everything at the children's division. As everyone is buys with work, us club members barely ever get a chance to talk after kendo, until now!

David, the guy with yellow apron on the far right, is the owner of this Japanese restaurant. Thanks to this, all of us was getting beers straight from the tap (literally!!)

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Shiai-keiko takes place on the Sundays in July. Thank god it's in the afternoon so there's still time to catch the World Cup. I'll know if I'm in or out of the official WKC squad in no time...

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Here's the Japan Travel photos, if anyone has the time, check the slideshow function.

The kendo bits went off-limits, uhmm, I mean, it's ninja top secret that I'll need to kill you if I let you see the photos. Sorry folks, but enjoy the rest of West Japan.

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Now that I can go for a run in the late night summer heat (about 29oC still)... I tried the "other" route recommanded by my dear coach, which is proven to be way too much for me...:-

Look, it's DOUBLE the length where I used to go. I went on for 30 mins and surrendered to the remaining part (the lighter blue line)... My goal is to make the whole circle and not stopping in the middle.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


At the first squad training in HK after the trip to Japan, I hurt my left ankle. It's probably safer to stop going vigourous for the week. What a great excuse to keep me away from training more. My attendance is rather low this month. After all, I was never really fit enough to be there. Do I really need to break my ankle to prove it?

"It's life". Yeah right.