Saturday, July 22, 2006

Final Answer

Over the few days of birthday extravaganza, I've got me a few freelance projects to work on, and also something to remember.

1. Successfully dumping the boyfriend.

2. Telling the coach that I am not up for the WKC selection any more.

It feels like career, romance and personal interests do not get along too well together. But it is quite important to at least keep one of them, and let it grow.

Now I hope I've made some right choices at the age of 24.

Last but not least, to cheer everyone up, here's me under 35oC mid-day sun in Fortaleza e Forl da Guia, Macau (neighbouring casino town).

Monday, July 17, 2006


There was this "WKC squad member interview" thingy with the coach + assistant coach last Sun. Apparently I was offered a place in the Ladies team, providing that I fix my attitude (i.e. being "lazy" enough to skip Sunday squad at 9.30am-12.30pm). So I guess I'd have to stick around for a few more months...!

After a few rounds running last week (can't do this week as the rain is way too hard), I noticed how I can explode forward much better. At least the way my understanding is to keep my stronger left thigh muscles ready to push off at all times (I think I was pushing with the ankle before, which is no good). I've also been experimenting with a 70% body weight on my back leg, while using the front to hover around and leap, which is working rather promising.

Yet I still lost quite a lot during shiai keiko. Got scolded heavily on going back during tsubazeriai.

Also, it's still very difficult to last the whole thing, especially the hardcore warm-ups have already drained my limited energy out.