Monday, November 10, 2008


There's the Chinese Taikai coming in a month but not so much of the shiai preparation going on. The dojo has been quiet recently with everyone seeming to be caught at work. Even on a Sunday afternoon like today's practice, there were only 6 of us on rotation!

We were on high with speed today - after some kihon for warm-up, we were doing alternate oikomi-men and splinting tobikomi men. The point is to "hit and run" as fast as we can. That also reminds everyone to go straight through like a train and not jumping up and down, something that we all did before...!

That was an intensive but since I didn't do much exercise in the week, I was so out of breath. I bet there is either my bad breathing rhythm control, or something wrong with my lungs. Looking at Momoko (a kyu grader) I must say I was embarrassed  - she was still standing properly when I was bending over for a painful diaphragm.

Things will be difficult for the next few weeks as I am going to move out of town for work some time next month. I'm glad that there is still good job around, but kendo-wise I'm not too sure if I can manage coming back over the weekend for keiko. Maybe I'll end up joining one of the Guangzhou dojo, but it's gotta be a nightmare to travel back and forth with the bogu and stuff...