Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ladies Keiko

After a long pause, I picked up my bogu again in the past 2 weekends.

This day is the monthly Ladies Keikokai, organized by the Kendo Association.

It reminds me of squad training, although pretty much calmed down with less pressure. The only pressure comes from me being a senior and I've to avoid doing unnecessary moves and other stupid stuff.

It's a funny feeling after not present for the past 6 keikokai, and being asked to be on the senior side at jikeiko. There were 20 or so turned up, and many junior than I am in terms of experience. But of course you have the college girls who look a lot more devoted than any of the adults. I guess I practice the least regular among these girls.

Yeah I only managed once every 2-3 weeks due to work mostly. I don't live near a dojo in either cities I live, making it hard to commit.

But then I still like to set my foot in the dojo. Hard to describe, but going to the gym or having a swim will not create this feeling of accomplishment. "It'd better be a very good practice traveling 3-4 hours to make it", so I think.

As Kishikawa sensei said, gotta enjoy what you are doing!