Saturday, July 22, 2006

Final Answer

Over the few days of birthday extravaganza, I've got me a few freelance projects to work on, and also something to remember.

1. Successfully dumping the boyfriend.

2. Telling the coach that I am not up for the WKC selection any more.

It feels like career, romance and personal interests do not get along too well together. But it is quite important to at least keep one of them, and let it grow.

Now I hope I've made some right choices at the age of 24.

Last but not least, to cheer everyone up, here's me under 35oC mid-day sun in Fortaleza e Forl da Guia, Macau (neighbouring casino town).


Ivan said...

Ahhh!!! You gave up!! Well, I hope you've made the right decision. (#2 I mean. The #1 is probably most likely a good one)

Mingshi said...

Today the coach accepted it by email. And since the ex didn't contact me again... so far so good. Whether the choice is right or wrong, at least I am enjoying work, and some sense of freedom. Phew.