Sunday, March 13, 2005


To my disappointment, I could not attend the Sat practice and Sun squad as I am still sick. Sat was the worst with serious stomach ache that sent me to the doctor. A kendo weekend wasted.

However on Sunday afternoon (after all the kendo hours..) I feel much better and have the mood to grab my bokuto again... But my hands ended up with the suburi-to. Back in my tiny room I find a spot without ceiling bulbs, blasting out Slipknot from the speakers, I did 500 suburi with the suburi-to. With this think piece of wood the only thing I focus on is pulling it outwards using the "tanden" (actually I have no idea if I am using the correct set of muscles, but there we go). For the downward cut, the piece of wood is so heavy that it falls by itself without me putting any force behind it. When I pick up my normal bokuto it is like a toothpick, and I feel like waving it at 3 cuts a second! :D That's gotta cure the too-much-right-hand bad habit...

After the 500 suburi I did another 100 sit-ups.

With a bit of sweat, my only other wish is to put on my bogu and have a bash!!!

Attached a photo comparing my normal bokuto with that thick piece of wood - I am not sure if it qualifies to be called a suburito or something else, but it is double size of a normal bokuto:-

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