Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Homemade Dojo

There has been another month since I have picked up my iaito again. Just how can I cope with the conflicting training schedule on Sat (iaido class at Kishigawa-sensei's and kendo at Eda-sensei's at the same evening, different locations...)?!?

I was about to hire the community squash court again today, but ended up taking my father's advice and use the living room instead. Just move some furnitures and rubbish around... DA-Da!! I got a 3mx3mx3m space (wooden floor) for 1-hr of Iaido practice before going to bed.

My temporary "dojo" is tiny but hey I find out you don't really need much space anyway. I still can do most Seitei there, with the exception of #7, #10 & #11. Unfortunately most Koryu has steps and movements that for safety reasons... better leave them.

The TV screen is flat enough to give me a good mirror reflection, so I can actually check out my posture sometimes. Because the ceiling happens to be high enough, and that my iaito ain't that long, there is no bulb-braking accidents. Just that once the chiburi got caught at the bookshelf, and the other time when I pull my sword down it "slashed" onto the sofa.

Today's main goal is just to "keep my iaido there". I *know* some of my dokai + kohai in London will be taking their Ikkyu/ Shodan this month. It's a shame that I can't catch up my grading with them (especially I actually started a month earlier than everyone). But I am not giving up (yet). I still want to get blackbelt-ed in a year or two... :'(

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