Friday, March 25, 2005

"Koo Janai"

Today is another day of kihon, with no specific focus - but my priority of getting my breathing right is working okay. Seems like my daily hayasuburi routine is starting to work.

Was told to have bigger step (or, more movement) when doing hayasuburi (just 30 today) and also during kirikaeshi (both attacking side and receiving side).

Also noticed: my kirikaeshi is so sh!t. Over the other side, Leo, who happened to be in my group when I first started kendo 3 years ago, can go fast and sharp. Uhmm, gotta catch up with my dokai!!

..And when I am tired I dragged my left foot too much - especially that last jikeiko with Tanaka-sensei. "Men wo___________, _________. ___________ Awasete__________! Koo Janai. _______ Wakarimas ka?"

Can't get 0.01% verbally but it isn't too difficult to watch. Doing it is another thing though...

There were only 7 people in bogu today. Eda-sensei said the Tanaka couple also live quite far from the dojo, and we should try to attend the Thursday class and listen to his advice. Oops, no more complain about going home late night and have dinner at 11pm again!

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