Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Everything you do is Practice

Earlier on today Bishop at Edinburgh Kendo Club, Scotland sent an email about a radio broadcast at the BBC Sports with Honda-sensei. It was really nice to hear both of their voices again, after 2 months of leaving the UK. (I love technology)

It was the .ram clip at "Listen to the Show" on March 26th here (fast-foward to 0:37 minutes):

The interview ends with Honda-sensei saying, "...Every day in the world is a practice. You wake up, wash your face... Everything you do is practice."

Thanks to the messages from my dear readers. Life is back to normal for me. Although I choose to skip last Sunday's squad training, take some time off to look after my emotionally exhausted grandmother. I suppose NOT being able to practice is also "practice" (quoting Honda-sensei). Even though I like kendo very much, I still have other priorities in life.

Last night I signed up for the squad shiai practice the next Sunday. It has been 3 month since I fought in a proper shiai... That and it has been 14 months since I fought a shiai in Hong Kong (last time being finishing my taisho match 2-0 in 10 seconds...haha). So I am really looking forward for it.

For this week I am increasing a little bit of difficulty to my daily 500 hayasuburi. I will take as little rest as possible in between a set of 100. Today with Stereophonics as BGM, I finished 500 at the fifth song, under 20 minutes! That saves a lot of time.

Heard about Inoue Shigeake-sensei's visit to Hong Kong next week. Seems like there are loads of frequent visits of holiday-makers/sensei from Japan. I haven't decided if I am joining yet - if there are work-related or funeral-related issues (especially it is Chingming Festival next Tuesday - one for the dead!!) I need to deal with, then I can't spend too much time in the dojo...

It's March/April and already 24oC - I am wearing t shirts and shorts at home, but how am I going to survive the long summer..???

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