Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Yet Another Sorry Excuse...

What happened last week in London did give me some kind of drive - sending out more letters. I didn't feel like going last Sunday - but I thought, for up to 1 hour ago, that I should go today.

It was quite an exciting experience sending out the electronic application form for the post of Police Inspector yesterday, something I wanted to do for quite "a while" but only yesterday I really "clicked". Today I was busy digging out my graduation certficates and have to post them separately (because I had overseas qualifications need to be proven).

But then within last hour (I should leave home now for tonight's squad if I am going...) that I found out about something... I was reading this local online forum about work and career, and one of the threads being Applying for the Police. Seems to me that the first letter people got will be a weight/height check-up at the Police HQ PLUS eye sight check.

Although glasses is allowed, during the test they have to be removed... The requirement is to read 5 out of 10 alphabets (4.4 cm^2) at about 1-metre distance. I am not sure what font it is - but people are saying that they have difficulties at -3.5 or below.

Yesterday I went to get a new pair of glasses (mainly for this purpose - obviously unnecessary now) and I am getting worse by L -0.25/ R -0.5

So my current readings are L -6.00/ R -6.50....!!!

I printed the forementioned eye test at home and I can't tell the difference between a C and an O standing 1/2 metre away... (to read every thing sharp and clear it has to be at kissing distance)

Argh. What am I doing...?


Perry Hunter said...

"Officer Wan" - has a nice, if faintly disturbing ring to it. Best of luck!

Vivian Yung said...

How about contact lenses?

Mingshi said...

They are going to make fun of you if your contact lenses are still in your eyes at the test....!!!

Kihon said...

Isn't "Madam Wan" the more customary title for a HK policewomen?

Good luck!