Thursday, July 21, 2005

Not Today... Or Now...

I am not talking about I skipped kendo tonight for a birthday dinner (mine!)...

Just that the first thing I know after stepping into my flat - London is exploding here and there!!!

8 hours before walking into the Police HQ - there's always incidents that aid my insomnia.

Is this what is called as "life as an 23-year-old adult"???


With the noise from the overnight thunderstorm, I managed about 3 hours of sleep, and arrived the Police HQ at 8.00am.

I filled out another form which allows me to apply for Police Constable if in case I failed the Inspector application. And then in the "Other Skills" section, I ticked the boxes for "Fluent Mandarin" and "Computer Skills", while adding "Kendo 2nd Dan" to the provided blank space.

All went smoothly when the recruitment officer checked my online application form - until when he asked for my academic records...

Officer Soo: "We will need the original transcript from your university."
Mingshi: "... These are all I got from them." (showing off my undergrad and postgrad certs)
Soo: "You need to get the transcript from your UK uni. I'll give you 6 weeks. Just pop in and tell the officer on duty that you've filled in the forms but just have to show the transcripts."
Mingshi: "Okay.."
Soo: "You can leave now."

Maybe I shouldn't have worried about the eyesight test too much, because... I didn't even managed to get into the rooms....!!!! When people say no employer will ask for university records, they obviously lied!!!

I'll have to make IDD calls now. God knows how fast the British works... Argh...


Perry Hunter said...

Happy Birthday! Just think how today's troubles will seem when you've been an HK cop for 20 years on your 43rd birthday.

Mingshi said...

Thx :)

Adding to that, if I get to be an Inspector I can earn 3 times more than being an ordinary graphic designer (in HK) - even if it's the lower-ranking Constable, it'll still be 2 times more...!

Of course, salary is just one of the many reason why I applied.

Perry Hunter said...

It's the suit, right? Go for the Will Smith/MIB look..:-)

Mingshi said...

- that, the handcuffs and baton..!!

Sadly the handcuffs are replaced with the plastic strips.. :(

By the time you are reading this, I've got a "we'll check for you" note from my MA Uni at Brighton. I'd have snail-mail the BA Uni in London tomorrow tho. Hope it gets through...

Vivian Yung said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! Wow, can't believe our birthday are less than 2 weeks apart, and we played kendo for exactly 4 years as well.

I hope your dream of being a Police Inspector comes true! All the best!