Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Today: Squad #16 Mingshi's Series of Unfortunate Events

Email I got after lunch:-
We have received your application for the post of Police Inspector.

Please attend our Recruitment Reception Office between 08:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on 2005-07-22, for measurement of height, weight and eyesight test. Please bring along the following documents for verification:

(a) Hong Kong Identity Card; and
(b) Original official documentary proof of academic qualifications.

[blah blah blah]

Probably the first disappointment I'll get at 23 years old.

...And its' very very hard to practice the eyesight test using one eye at a time (yes I have been doing some homework obviously - and that's not really helping!!!!)

But then I'll go to the squad today...

Mingshi's Series of Unfortunate Events:-

1) Got out late. Missed the bus and stood at the bus stop for aaaaaaages , sweating like hell.

2) At the changing room, Agnes the Captain asked about "haven't seen you for a lot of Sundays.."

3) Start off with 50 oki-suburi + 50 naname-buri + 50 swing-like-kaeshi-do + 50 swing-like-suriage-men + 50 swing-like-kote-kaeshi-kote... These are pretty okay, even with 2 shinai in hand....

4) 200 hayasuburi (downward cut to the floor) - done in one go. "If any of you stop or mess up - we'll all do it all over again!" Ah man... There MUST BE something to do with my lack of exercise lately (kendo or not), as I felt out of breath at 100, and struggle to keep up after 120... Kishigawa-sensei was using a shinai weight thingy (what's the name of it..?) and he stopped at 150.... At this last 50 I was really going to just stop or drop dead, but subconsciously I was thinking that if I cannot finish this while everyone (even kohai!) was at it - how the hell can I manage the Police?

So I just kept going (paused twice to re-adjust my ki-ken-tai-icchi) and counting with the rest of the team, even tho I am swinging twice as slow as some of them did - I kept my feet moving a bit as well. K-sensei's warning about "doing it all over again" obviously has some effect...

5) My left leg cramped a little when we fetched for our men... Also at sonkyu I thought I was going to pass out (it flashes a few times of darkness...uhmm)... But I managed to stand back up. With Jay, probably the most encouraging senpai around, I told myself to last the class as much as I can.

6) Got told to JUMP and GO FORWARD at ai-men from toi-maai, because K-sensei watched me slacking off after cut... Argh... But at men/de-kote I actually scored a few in which he said "nice men" (note: this is not the usual men-de-kote, but both side should have the intention to get Ippon, meaning I am fighting for my Men-uchi as motodachi)

7) After rounds of the "usual" de-kote-men and "make ippon"-waza keiko, with 45 mins left we moved to Ai-men x10 and then the uchikomi (M-hiki-M, M-hiki-K, M-hiki-D, M-kirikaeshi, M-D-kirikaeshi, M-MMDD-MMDDMM, M)

8) When Yame was said and it's jikeiko time, I had to go out and wash my face... tape my foot and hand. Having a nice blister in my palm (due to excessive suburi with 2 shinai - I can't grip 2!!) made me feel like a beginner.

9) Only keiko-ed with Eda-sensei. Got a BRILLIANT tobikomi-men.... But I was told to watch the opportunity of hiki-waza, especially when I missed a men, I should turn sharply and follow with a stronger cut...

10) Lost my new-38 reserved for shiai purposes and suburi.....!! And I came back with a 39 with one shaft broken..!

11) Coming home at 12.15am and finish my "dinner" at 1am... O_O

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Vivian Yung said...

Good luck, Jenny! You will ace it!