Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Shuttle Run

In preparation for the physical test for Police Inspector, today's training was "Shuttle Run" - 10 times 10-meter run (forward then turn around and run forward again). I actually brought along a roll of measuring tape to get an exact 10-metre running track...

Here's my records:-
trial #1= 29.96 sec
trial #2= 29.39 s
trial #3= 29.33 s
trial #4= 28.89 s
trial #5= 29.05 s

The standard is to make it under 29 seconds for female (for guys its under 26 sec) - so I only merely made it ONCE!! Aarrrh!!

It definitely shows my weakness in turning my hips - which was pointed out by Eda-sensei yesterday when I was trying to do hiki-waza after missing kote-men... While one can say kendo is not a sport or whatever, many of the principles about body movements are the same. It explains why I suck at a lot of things in kendo, like endurance (in 200 hayasuburi or 800m run), explosion (in ai-men from to-maai or 10x10m shuttle run), etc. etc.

I am going to break my pair of Converse in any minute, so I'll hunt for a pair of nice trainers tomorrow!!

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