Thursday, July 14, 2005

Lost & Found

Yesterday I went for a run before going out... That was around my neighbourhood - I want to know how fast I can go for 800 metres.

First try - 4 mins 5.96 sec
Second Try - 4 mins 6.12 sec

It was really really tough at the last 100 metres... (think about kakari keiko...) I had trouble walking properly with the muscle pain coming up within an hour... And it bloody hurts today.

The standard for Police Inspector is 4 mins 12 sec for women, 3 mins 25 sec for men. What a big gap... But it is nice to have some sort of goal in mind - despite my defected eye sight...

[edit] The standard for Custom Officer/ Inspector is 3 mins 45 sec, for both male and female... Gee thats getting tougher than I thought...

That was before going out for a farewell dinner + partying. I bought the latest issue of Kendo Nippon at Mitsukoshi, and spotted the photo I took for Eda-sensei.

Supposedly I should comment more but at 6am I found out I forgot about my bag at a bar.........!!! Apart from the mag, I had my design notebook and a Muji pen in the bag too...!!!

Scheissen---!!! Too much vodka in my vein is no good :'(

Found the bag. Phew... Gimme some sleep time first before tonight's keiko and I came up with a scan.

Here we go:-

This is the same gym for my dojo and also the squad training.

Alright. Today's keiko was... pretty much normal. After 30 mins of warm-up stuff, we were having 45 mins of (in rotation) kirikaeshi, men-uchi, kote-men, kote-nuki-men, men-taiatari-hiki waza... That's really training through repetition. I won't say it's "boring" because A) I was with this massive hangover and B) it let me focus on very specific points I need to keep re-working on.

God... Let me sleep, please..!!


Vivian Yung said...

I bought that Kendo Nippon issue too. Funny that I was trying to spot you in that photo. Now I know why weren't you there. =P

Mingshi said...

Obviously, my kamae is so bad that I kept hiding from the camera. :D