Friday, May 27, 2005


Another day of normalty (!) - apart from being 5 mins late soaking in the thunderstorm walking to the gym... and also at the end got told "when you cut your left foot is still behind you" again (this is so typical...)

To beat the boredom - I spent an hour making this training schedule review for the past 10 weeks. I am not very good at info graphics. But anyway...

Deep blue: Team training / hardcore yukusoku keiko
Baby blue: Kihon at my home dojo (Seishinkan with Eda + Tanaka sensei)
Orange: Hayasuburi x 500
Pink: Rope-jumping x 500 + Sit-up x 100, usually

The week of Apr 4 was a sick break.
May 8 was the Taikai.

So there was 13 days I did nothing - which is 2 weeks out of 10... which mean I only "did something" 80% of my time...

My attendance at my dojo is 12/14 (85%), but the squad is only 9/13 (70%) - I only decide to take part on Tues, and not going on Sats a few weeks ago.

I don't know what all these means. But maybe I'd review once more in another 10 weeks.

Also on record is my daily weight change, but it was proven to be a waste of time since my weight is 99 lbs 10 weeks ago and now it's 97 lbs. I reckon the scale is broken!!!

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Paul said...

Hey Mingshi,

My name is Paul. I've been reading your blog and browsing through ur budo photojournal for quite sometimes. They are absolutely cool! :d Nice meeting you!