Sunday, May 01, 2005

Mitori Keiko

Following a mad drinking session without enough sleep, I find today's practice terribly unenjoyable. Even I arrived right on time, with the massive hangover I can't focus at all...

There were 2 visiting sensei so today's session was quite crowded - on the queuing side only..! I had twice attempts queuing for a sensei and then when it is my turn, that sensei gave me the "da me" hand signal!!! Yikes!!

In return there is a lot of time watching other people fight.

Recently I became a big fan of Kishigawa-sensei's kendo. He made every other sensei ever so frustrated. Actually, he made everyone frustrated. He is not the type of sensei who just hit you men, men, men, men and finish. He picks every opening off you using any waza I can think of. And every time he does that, it makes people says "....DAMN!!" on their face.

Because he is so difficult to fight with, every time I approach his queue with the mentality of "okay.... time to fight the boss". And because there are loads of people queuing and watching, it makes the keiko with him like a challenge in a boxing ring with a lot of spectators.

Today my only fight's highlight includes staying in chika-maai in long periods, getting tsuki twice (argh), cutting his men in between his makiotoshi-katate-men waza (sensei' s waza choice of the day).

Probably not a good thing to do, but I "escaped" from today's squad because my contacts are so falling out...

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