Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Squad #7 Quick Rant

Today I had the WORST keiko so far in my home town.

ALL of my men-uchi was soooooooooooo not straight. Probably this is under the influence of that video from last month that I really see my weak point.

At the last 5 "Ippon-shoubu + kakarigeiko-if-you-lost", I lost ALL of the Shodachi.

The final uchikomi-keiko was without kiai.

That was only 1-hr (and then 30mins queuing for sensei) and I felt so crap.

Especially against Lai-sensei. I had 10+ consecutive tobikomi-men that got blocked.

Seemingly, the magic shinai doesn't work every day.

When I got home the clock on the wall hit 12.15am - and this is a Tuesday...

Though I seriously hope that this is just one of those learning plateau that I haven't had for ages.

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