Monday, April 25, 2005

Video Review

After today's exercise... I spent quite a lot of time reviewing my shiai video from last month...

The Match vs Eda-sensei:-
At 21 sec,

This is meant to be the split second before an Ai-men. Look at my kamae - probably the most awful way to cut!!

At 1 min 1 sec,

Eda scored Men... Er, but at slow-motion it is actually a cut to my men-flap... Grrr...

At 2 min 29 sec,

Eda's men went a little bit too far. And I had my moment of katate-tsuki (missed... doh!)

At 2 min 57 sec,

Me scoring debana-men. Arms extended and good fumikomi. But little use of koshi with the back foot not pushing enough. And the way I pulled my shinai up is reeeeeeally horrible... At the back sat Kishigawa sensei (in jacket) and Tanaka sensei, who were literally talking about my bad grip!!

Me vs Derek, at 58 sec,

Another shot of my dodgy kamae. Head-tilting habit is still there...

At 3 min 19 sec,

Me scoring debana-men. BUT look at my shinai - it is completely off-center, and the downward cut actually went from the side... Yikes!!

Comparing with the rest of the people, my Ippon are of low-quality. I seriously wonder how my Ippon are like as of yesterday. These video were shot only 3 weeks ago...

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