Friday, April 15, 2005

All Tied Up... %*#@&!!

Some time ago I digged up an old piece of jumping rope. For a bit of change I went down to an open space in my neighbourhood to go rope-jumping. My target is 500.

...Little I know it was so difficult. It exposed my no-so-good hand-foot coordination as I kept tripping on it. Running out of breath quickly is another mistake... My highest non-tripping record was only 43 jumps..!! WTF. Even a 5-year-old kindergarten girl can beat me!!!

My right ankle hurts a bit after that 500 - the ground is of concrete so I don't think I should do that too regularly... Maybe I should invest in a better pair or trainers, or go to jump on that artificial mat at the kids playground instead (too embrassing to do so in front of them kids..!!)


Anonymous said...

Don't worry! It'll catch up to your suburi in no time... just give your body time to adapt ;)

Mingshi said...

Problem is, I can't do that in the rain (like today... altho I have kendo now..) But it's proven to be more of a workout than just suburi, or even hayasuburi, given the same count of 500..