Thursday, April 21, 2005

Daily Exercise Review

It has already been a month since I do around half an hour of exrcise every day for the days without kendo. So far so good. Be it the suburi with suburito, or 500 hayasuburi, or jumping ropes... Kishigawa-sensei's word has imprinted in my mind strongly - "If you don't work on your physical capacity, you cannot build up your techniques."

The past two days rope-jumping is going much better. At least I adjust the right length of the rope, find a better kid's playground with no one there, and know how I should move my arms and legs. My maximum no. of consecutive jumps is now 99 (OK - I tripped on the last one!!). That was with 100 sit-ups at home before taking shower.

Today I switched back to 500 hayasuburi - because I can't go outdoor jumping ropes at 11pm...

With "Asian Kung Fun Generation" as my background music, when I finished the 5 sets of 100, it was only 17 minutes according to my I-Tune. And I feel I should do more so I lie down and did 100 sit-ups.

I find that now I took much less time to recover for another set. Also I only "feel like stopping" at the last 15-20 out of the set of 100. That's the progress so far in a month. But it is still a long way from what K-sensei said last week during Shinkokyu in between our waza-keiko: "You should be able to fight again after taking 3 deep breath!" I need... at least...10!!

I don't want to be in the team just because I am here.
I want to MAKE myself there.


Anonymous said...

your getting stronger... good work!

Mingshi said...

YES!! I need to remind myself too---!!! Cheers!!