Friday, May 20, 2005

An Itch You Cannot Scratch!!

Since I put up this blog with my photo site, the nature of recording what I learnt has occationally turned into some sort of social chat... I am not sure if going reader-oriented will make it more interesting. Typing "my kote is so sharp today" isn't as exciting as trivia like "Ando Kaigo (50th AJKC Champion) passed Rokudan at Nagoya last weekend (not in the same court of course) - so did my sensei"

Anyway.. Editorial decision is mine. I rant on whatever I like!!! (HAHAHAAA)

Something funny happened today. I was thinking about 100% focus on the practice from warming up to final seiretsu... I don't know what I ate wrong but there are MASSIVE itchy skin inflammation developed on different parts of my limbs... Take my arm and thigh for example:-

(See the white-ish patch on my thigh is bigger than my hand!! That's 4pm today.)

Arggghh I kept scratching myself at home and in the cinema today (Star Wars!!), and it has obviously become reaaaally difficult to not think about it during keiko. But I did manage - if I focus more on my kendo - the rashes disappears (and then another patch starts getting bigger)...

At kirikaeshi we were told that for advance people, motodachi should only move the blocking from one side to another when the cut arrive (and not to put it there and wait for it) - New stuff I learn to help kaeshi waza...

Eda-sensei pointed out to me after keiko that my left hand did not raise high enough for a cut, plus my right fist punches too much going downwards... Also I have a tendancy to hit an inch short (!!)... And this is because my stance is too wide, back foot not keeping up. These days I am trying to work on seme-ashi, but I should also work on drawing my back foot forward too!! Adding to that, another senpai points out that when I hit I pulled back my upper body (previously I pulled back my head - which is worse...)

Sometimes I focus on one thing too much and ended up over-doing or over-compensating for it... I need to bring balance to the force!!

Gosh... So itchy - how can I sleep???


paburo said...

no way! it's still thursday on planet earth GMT!

and this post is a mere excuse to post your legs... nice legs! haha.

email me your new addy to, i owe you a club tenugui. choose blue or red.


Mad Dog said...

I hope your dermatitis is better. If not please see your doctor asap. It looks like eczema or psoriasis.Or it could be an allergic reaction to some part of your uniform (are you wearing anything new?) or even washing powder residue.Some hydrocortisone cream should fix it quite quickly but it's prescription oly in the UK (not in the US where it can be bought over the counter). Good luck!

Mingshi said...

Cheers Dr. Morrow! I am now back to normal. Guess I took a cold shower too fast the other day!!

Mad Dog said...

Well that was a mystery. I suspect it was an allergy of some type. In any case I'm glad you are better.