Friday, May 06, 2005

Not so Kendo Maniac

Last night Tanaka-sensei's comment from the shiai keiko was: "Jenny no kamae wa a little bit better, but need snapping." Seemingly, having a new 38-joshi (woman) shinai does help!!!

So today (Friday) I went to my exercise space again with it and my new rope. I think I need to get used to the lighter weight before Sunday's taikai to avoid disappointment.

That's 300 haya-suburi + 300 rope-jumping.

For my new rope - this gadget is so cool! The joints at the handles rotate by itself, thus reduced a lot of friction. Also the rope is rubber-coated, so when it hits the ground it will bounce back. I swing it so fast today. Without looking at the counter (attached!!!) the first stop I made was at exactly 100.

Here's a pic of my old and new rope. I know the colour looks crap - but hey it's great. Besides it costs RMB 10 dollars (GBP 0.75?) from my dad who got it from Mainland China last weekend... The counter actually reads 323:-


Flashing back to last night at the changing room...

Eda-sensei said she just came back from Kyoto (!) and has been there for only a few keiko in that 2 days (!!!).

The embrassing tale of getting the judo-knockdown from Sumi-sensei was told... "I am wearing that Hong Kong zekken. I haven't jumpt back right up that fast ever!" And then got dragged to practice with some lady from Yamaguchi, as people have recently read that Asian Tournament article in Kendo Nippon, and showed great interest coming to Hong Kong in the near future.

Anyway, she will try for her 6th Dan next week (in Nagoya... Japan again!?) so she took the opportunity of godo-keiko around the Kyoto Taikai/ Embu period and seek advice from hachidan sensei...

So just when you think you are doing too much kendo - there is ALWAYS someone else nearby having a much higher level of addiction.

I don't think it's a matter of money here (although it helps). But some people would have used that same amount of $$ for better bogu and stuff. Eda-sensei spent all that + time + energy on her kendo journey - which is a completely noble act.

I wish her luck at the shinsa. As for myself I don't know how far I would go. When I first started I don't even know I'll get as far as Nidan... Back then Eda-sensei was the first female sensei I know of, and the most hard-working one.


Vivian Yung said...

Mingshi, we might have met in the this year's Hong Kong Tournament but didn't know each other at that time. I was playing for the New South Wales Team A in the Nidan & below, Womens, and Open team events.

Do you know which vol. no. the HK Tournament article appear in Kendo Nippon?

Mingshi said...

Oh hey Vivian! Not recalling very much details but I definitely watched your fight at the finals :)

The Asian Tournament was credited as "Asia City Friendly Tournament" in Kendo Nippon 2004. issue 6

Vivian Yung said...

Coolies! Thanks for the Kendo Nippon details. So it was a 2004 issue referring to the previous year HK Tournament?

Keep up the good work with your kendo blog. I really like reading it.

Mingshi said...

D'oh! Slipped my finger...
I meant 2005!!

Vivian Yung said...

Hahaha, that's okay. =D

Anonymous said...

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