Friday, May 13, 2005

Training Valley

Following days of depression, today's keiko has been decently enjoyable. I have never felt so focus in class from the warming-up push-ups right to the end at mokuso...

Apart from the fact that I cannot escape from the sensei-nagging. The first thing Eda-sensei said when she saw me in the changing room is - "Jenny why did you lose so fast last Sunday? Were you daydreaming?" The conversation went on to about how players should cope with physical incapabilities on the day (since hardly anyone can be 100% in shape on the day due to various factors), and how the sensei have the fear that I'll lose just like last Sunday at the World Championships (isn't it too premature to express this concern...?!?).

I found out possible reasons why my tokui-waza (tobikomi-kote) doesn't work -
1. No seme, as of my other cuts... argh
2. Wrong distance. I tend to fight from way too far and ended up striking empty air..!!
3. I haven't sort out the center before I strike, because today when I did osae-waza (either side) it popped so much
4. Left foot too slow going forward. Some kote-men I did today is brilliant when I am more aware of that.

Also, earlier in the week when I did my 500 hayasuburi using only 1 kodachi, I noticed how the path of my kensen looks like when use the correct arms > wrists > te-no-uchi. In keiko today I re-created more than a handful number of really straight shomen-uchi (in my opinion only).

In the next few weeks I hope to work on:
1. seme-ashi (when cutting the first thing to move is not the hands but the right foot)
2. hiki-waza (I got it for a while but suddenly it doesn't work much recently..)
3. nuki/kaeshi-do (more waist-turning needed to show better zanshin)

All of a sudden I felt the responsiblity of improving my kendo, is afterall, on myself. I can't afford to play anymore...

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