Sunday, October 15, 2006

Iizuka Sensei + Friends

One of my non-kendo friends asked the same question that everyone reading this blog wanted to ask,

"Jenny, you're lazy. When's the last time you train?"

I did go last Thurs. Though with work piling up in recent weeks I could barely fit a keiko once a week. But usually I still managed a swim and a jog in my neighbourhood during the week, so my body still moves alright (I think).

On Sat morning I went picking up some banners I printed for my client, dropped them to his office, got home and had a 1/2 hour nap, then I picked up my bogu and headed off to QEII.

I only realized that there're Iizuka sensei (8th Dan, Shizuoka ken), 3 fresh 8th Dan, plus 4 more higher Dan visiting this weekend. Hence there isn't much of a "practice" but just queuing to keiko with sensei...

We did have some simple warmup and suburi. Then we were told that "The first 1/2 hour will be practice for 4Dan & above and squad members"... Fair enough. We the lower ranking ones will get the sensei when they were all a bit tired (especially they came straight from the airport?)

I did my keiko with Kawaki, 5Dan woman, and Suzuki, fresh 8Dan older male, during the remaining 30 mins.

A couple of differences that I found without a lot of practice:-

1) I actually wanted to initial attack more. I'm taking more on the offensive, despite the level of opponent.
2) My keikogi became soaking wet within 30 mins. I can keep my stamina up by doing some exercises, but I cannot re-create the pressure in a kendo environment.
3) Stopped worrying and enjoy the bash!

The friendly practice with Tony from Seattle when "last keiko" was shouted, added in much fun out of all the 8Dan seriousness around us.

There's practice Sun morning 9-11am. But obviously I love my bed very much and did not intend to get out of it at 730 this morning.

My Sandan is due this weekend too, but I don't have any intention to get it anytime this year. I really want my other aspects of life to settle first before getting serious in my leisure training. Like, my 3kyu Nihongo class will finish in a month, and I need revision for the 2 exams in Dec.

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