Monday, October 30, 2006

Have a Break

No, I am still going to kendo once a week. Was fun and relaxing. Nothing special to report.

Just that this Sun I joined a small photography club. It's so much better to pick up my other interest again. The club was started by some foreigners, and now with about 15 members, (with 4 local Chinese on this trip) they go around the city every month for a photography outing. Some of them are semi-pro with cool DSLRs and a bag of lenses.

Equipped with a Konica Minota Dimage Z2 - We went on the 1-hour ferry tour and I thought it'll be nice to share some touristy places from where I am.

>> Clock tower from the Central Pier, with the 88-storey International Finance Centre behind.

>> Yup, the infamous Victoria Harbour. The day has been nice but it's been rather smoggy lately - pollution from Mainland China. I'll consider to relocate in a few years time if this situation doesn't improve.

>> Clock Tower from the opposite side of Central - Tsim Sha Tsui or TST for short. The slope-like archtecture piece behind it is the Cultural Centre, and the grey one, the classy Peninsula Hotel.

>> Yet another view of the Wanchai commercial district on the island side.

>> Back at Central Pier. I am starting to like archtecture photography more than I used to. The Central Pier is going to be torn down in Nov. Hence apart from my group, a lot of people are taking pics that day - for example... spot the girl on the 2nd floor.


Anonymous said...

Hi Minshi, incidentally photography is my other (earlier) passion as well. Really like the last photo. Pity that the sunshine didn't shine all the way through. But still a beautiful pattern.

Vivian Yung said...

I was just about to say I like the last photo, and then I saw Ivan's comment. So I guess it really is a nice photo. I like how you construct that photo, the patterns and all.

Mingshi said...

Cheers folks!

There are some more over here:-

[Mat] said...

uhg, the smog....

do consider moving :-S

nice pictures