Monday, May 15, 2006

Run Jenny Run

This is my neighbourhood. Just thought that I need to know how far I've been running in these few days.

Today after Inoue-sensei's seminar in the morning, I went home, got some rest, and in the evening started my 20-minute run as advised by our dear kantoku. I ran the purple route as indicated on the map. A return journey took 17'08" running time, with once a 1-2 minute break time in between. That's 1250m x 2 = 2.5km in 17'08" minutes. Big thanks to the person who teaches me how to run long-distance. The way I used to run 800m in 4 mins is too fast for this.

The ideal route should be the green line which is a full riverside one-way run. At least it sounds better telling people, "Yeah I do a full circle along the river every day!!"

This morning when I got to Inoue's seminar, they were doing a lecture. Sensei talked about a lot of kendo philosophy and concepts. We moved on to bogu next and did some kihon. We only did 3 types - sensen no sen, dai no sen, and go no sen - and then jumped straight into shiai-shimpan practice.

I fought Xixi first round and lost two ai-men 0:2 in 2 minutes, both times having one flag up on my side... Argh. Last Thursday I changed my timing by floating my right foot in before moving the hands. It worked but not today. Need to get used to the hand-foot coordinations...

More people turned up at this time which made this session particularly long. No one sitting down did the usual cheering (I don't know why...) And because the matches where so short that a lot of people went hikiwake. Until me went up for 2nd round against Tsoi from Sekishinkan. It was a MM:0 match again, but no surprise too as the boy was definitely my junior.

In jikeiko things went rather quick, but I did fight Wong > Yamada > Inoue > Yu sensei. My habitual cuts from too far and heavy right hand still exist. Anything new? I don't think so.

Strange but K sensei wasn't here today...

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