Sunday, May 07, 2006


It feels like soemthing as expected that I lost in my pool (1st round) at the Ladies 0-3rd Dan division today. I had good sleep the night before, ate enough and arrived early... And being back at the tuesday squad for last month, plus the regular exercises, the only thing there is to blame is myself. Do I have the correct mindset to win? Or, as K sensei repeatedly pointed out, "What are you doing?"

I fought Takahashi-san who is an a-bit-older nidan from my own dojo (yet I rarely go to Saturdays, hence not practiced with her a lot). Pre-fight we both looking forward for a "good match".

Until I lost the first ai-men kind of debana-men at about 2 mins, followed by a men-kaeshi-do (zanshin was good, as I was told, but she actually didn't go through...). I finished my 2nd opponent with MM-0 in 10 sec (I raised my shinai 3 times.) That was a beginner from K sensei's dojo - and I don't need to comment further.

I am not sure why I am so bothered by it for the whole day (even now), despite the fact that about 2/3 of the population will lose in their first round.

The rest of the day was spent cheering for whoever that steps into the shiai-jo. That were some brilliant matches, such as Leo in very neat Nito fighting Leung (Macau) in Jodan, and Vins/Yip/Ng's pool with 1 win-1 lost on everyone. It was fun looking at other squad members fighting.

But at the end of the day, my dojo grabbed the majority of today's medals. Countless ones went to the kids. We also had 1st+3rd at the Ladies (Amy, Takahashi), 1st at the 0-1Dan Open (Naganawa), 1st+3rd at the 2-3Dan Open (Angus, Michael who were also on my dojo team at the last team taikai). At least there is something to cheer for.

Now is the time I need to adopt the correct attitude at shiai. No matter how proper my posture is, or how many hayasuburi I can do, in the end it all comes down to shiai. Looking back I do identify myself as an "Event" person rather than a "Shiai" person (look at my pics). Somehow I need to twist it around. Overhearing the plans for the squad's visit to Fukuoka, I'll either throw-up every hour or die on the spot. Time to fix myself.

Thank you readers for reading to the very end. Here's some eye candy for you.

Me in Chatuchak Market, Bangkok. A plastic veggie background included.:-

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