Tuesday, August 30, 2005

How Long Can I Last Like This??

My right wrist is probably 99% recovered. Went to the hospital yesterday, but 100 people were in the queue so in the end I didn't see the doc. Oddly enough, there is this bottle of home-made (and with a strong smell) Chinese medicine sent to my father from his doc/pal at Wisconsin. Work wonders just the second day rubbing it on.

I did tell my mom I was going to kendo tonight. But at 8pm I sat down at the dining table instead. Obviously, I don't feel like going to the squad. Missed 3 times already, which means I am really behind. It will kill me if they are doing 250 hayasuburi the next time I go...

The main excuse for tonight's absence, is this email I received today:-

Hi Jenny,

[snip] ... I browsed your website of portfolio and found your work to be very similar to one another in style. I very much would like to speak to you to see if you have any experience or interest in the Coroprate Identity , graphics, branding work for more traditional corporate clients...such as banks. The design they need are generally more conservative with nice photos and layouts but not extreme creative artistry.

When is it a good time to have a coffee for a chat? I am sure you will have extra stuff to show me. Is Central a good place to meet?


ps. I would like to know if you are currently engaged in any full time job.

At the moment I am re-working on my portfolio, but I have zero confidence in the kind of work this person need, because essentially, I have no experience into that.

"Found your work to be very similar in style..."
"The design they need are generally more conservative... but not extreme creative artistry..."

This. Hits. Me. On. The. Head. Real. Hard...

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Perry Hunter said...

Poor guy thought he was being complementary, too.

Time to demonstrate some weirdness is it?