Sunday, August 21, 2005

Injury Rant

The scenery outside my bedroom window has been looking like this for the past few days. It had been raining heavily non-stop for 48 hours, until last night.

However, since last keiko (5 days ago) my right wrist had not recovered... It hurts whenever I want to turn the door knob or pick food up with chopsticks... Basically I can't hold my right arm straight, palm up, and bend my hand down more than 30 degrees.

To illustrate my point further - my right wrist can't even hold in chudan!!! I am still not sure whether this was due to some bad kaeshi waza I made or was it because some heavy-hitting dudes hit on the wrong part of my kote. When people here ask me, "are the Europeans really physical?", next time I'm going to say: "pretty much the same". I do think my theory about "those who begins from adult-hood hits hard", with is not limited to foreigners at all!! ... Anyway, I'd have to give it a rest.

This weekend seems to be a grading weekend for a couple of places around the world. Next week they'd have one in HK, so there will be no Sunday squad... I'll try my best to make the Tuesday one tho. Had already missed out their "Eiga-Naoki-signed tenugui" from Furukawa-sensei...

I apologize for the last few lengthy entries. (I went back today and thought, "Gee, who the hell is going to read that?!") With the insomnia my brain didn't really function before I type!!

... Has anyone watched the 1997 WKC Kyoto videos as posted on KWF yet? I spot Kishikawa-sensei in one of them (R Kishikawa vs M Asaoka- Brazil came join-3rd after beating Canada... God, he was sharp 8 years ago!!

Did I just become a stalker of my sensei!?!


Iustin said...

"Gee, who the hell is going to read that?!" - well at least I did, and I enjoyed doing so.

It is always interesting to read about other people's kendo experience, especially in a (very) distant part of the world (from where I live).

So... thanks.

Vivian Yung said...

Hey Mingshi,

The weather may be assisting you. ^_^ Give your wrist some time to rest. Hopefully, it's not tendonitis or anything serious.

Mmmmmm, one-handed suburi...

Mingshi said...

Yeah V. 600 left-hand only with a kodachi pretty much made my day... Argh. I feel lame.