Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Just do it...!

Coming back home from a potential business/collaboration meeting today at 8pm, meaning I'll miss at least 15 mins of tonight's squad... therefore I'd rather not go (definitely will be made to do 200 hayasuburi alone while everyone's doing their waza-keiko!!) Tho I jumped my ropes 750 times.

This meeting was slightly delayed because of another business phone conversation with that other massive company I mentioned earlier. An interview is scheduled in 2 weeks. I hope this time everything works out... (and therefore my kendo life will be saved)

Meanwhile in 2 weeks I need to broaden my sense in Sports Culture and Sports Tradition... Apart from martial arts, I must admit I have close to zero sports knowledge. Lets see how much I can remember from the BBC Sports Website in 2 weeks time..!! (Any other recommendation is welcome!)

Finally let's have some entertainment from my sensei's funny emails (and also info about this Thurs):-

Subject: Kendo demonstration on thursday 9th june

Dear squad members,

We are recruiting squad members to take part in the Traditional Japanese Culture and Sports at Secondary school _________ on 9th June thursday from 3:30pm-4:30pm. This event is organized by Consulate General of Japan therefore the Association is planning to send the squad members as there will be around 400 students and they hope to see the Hong Kong Kendo National Team members.

We understand this event will be held on weekday but we do hope some of you will be able to take 1/2 day off work or school to participate.

Please reply to _______ sensei before this sunday by email.


thank you for your kind attention.


Hi Eda,

If you still haven't had enough people to help out at the event - I will be able to come along, as I am not employed and can take some time off on Thurs. I was thinking maybe you'll need a girl.


Yes thanks! We certainly need a pretty and potential girl!!

I will let you know what time and where to meet on thursday. I hope to get back to you by tuesday.



Perry said...

Hey, he could have said "potentially pretty" - feel better?

Perry said...

Wait a minute, I'm slow...Nike? I'm about 1/4 mile from the World HQ... at some point, we may have to invite the infamous Mingshi Wan to practice at Obukan?

Anonymous said...

If I send you an email that says you're pretty will I be published too?

Mad Dog said...

Ahha, this confirms my deepest suspicions: that Kendo practioners are, like Daleks, gender neutral !