Tuesday, June 21, 2005


This morning I was quite in the mood going for keiko late night tonight... Until mid-way onwards it started pouring. Also the infected areas of skin closer to my right eye and also inside my right ear is not getting better... So in the end I just sit here typing I DIDN'T GO TODAY again.

In recent months I have been on a curse of skin allergies... WTH is going on?!?

Like, I am really going to blame my bogu. It's been raining all the time in these few weeks and I *always* find my men and kote moulded up, even I've cleaned them asap after keiko. I don't sweat much but it seems that the bogu is attracting mosture by itself (grrrr)...

Adding to that. I am still having muscle pain from last Sunday... (sorry excuses, I know)

BTW here are two kendo-related things I worked on recently:

A proposal for the Idaho Kendo Club poster (USA):-

... And another proposal for the HKKA 35th anniversary (souvenir) tenegui:-

(When I looked up the ceiling just now - there are bits of white mould on the wallpaper... Ewwww....)


Andrea said...

Hi Mingshi,
Just found your site while searching for kendo blogs.
I'm also a kendo player (2D) but I have not been in the mood to go to practice for a while, even though I have a nice new 'do'. Just looking for a reason to get back into it!
Will check up on you from time to time! Good luck with your practicing...

PS I'm in Toronto, but have trained in Osaka and also a little in London...

David said...

Hey Mingshi,
excellent tenugi project, if you realize it, I'll buy one !
hope to see you in the galaxy again....David...