Friday, December 31, 2004

Top Ten New Year's Resolutions from Mingshi

There is a list I made elsewhere about getting a job and learning how to cook... but this one is for kendo so I put it up here:-

Do 1,000 suburi daily. Well it's not hard to do 1,000 suburi. Just that you have to find a spot that you are comfortable with, and play Rammstein for 45 minutes or so. Meaning spend less time watching TV. But the weather has to be warmer to begin with....Ergh... I know this is just a joke.

Read about Japanese History - from ancient to modern.

Learn Japanese (properly, not just from manga and anime this time, please). At least some grammar.

Get a female kohai that I am really proud of.

Get into Hong Kong National Team and increase my chances to fight at 13th WKC in 2006. But the weekly team training is on a Sunday morning (family day for me) and it's a 1.5-hour bus-ride one-way. Gggrrr.

Be nice and tolerant to new people I am going to meet and practice with in kendo in Hong Kong. Afterall I am new to them not the other way round.

Keep doing Iaido, even if the sensei isnt all that brilliant as what I had in London/Brighton. A wasted talent wasted all the previous sensei's time.

Stop hopping around or use too much right hand to punch the shinai forward. Improve footwork. Try not to get pushed around or fall down to the floor. Etc. etc. etc... Just don't do things all the senpai has told me not to all the time.

Do more Tsuki.

Visit Japan. Two friends invited me already - one in Tokyo and one Yokohama, so finding keiko should be easier.

Rainen mo ishou ni Ganbatte ne!!!

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