Saturday, December 11, 2004

Step in

Tonight Honda-sensei (British Team Coach) came to my dojo for a visit. He didn't lead the class, but instead he became part of it, like, joining in the mawari-keiko and also uchikomi-keiko. Sadly I was *coughing* all the way and have to take off my Men for twice - and in the end completely fed up with that. So I missed the first few rounds of kirikaeshi and also the Enjin shiai (or what is it called - shiai in a circle).

What I find quite interesting (my word: you have to be there!) was about uchikomi-keiko. Honda always emphasize on 100% posture at squad practices before. Uchikomi-keiko is not about speed but correctness. Therefore the focus should be of proper form, straightness, etc.

One thing is that after each cut at uchikomi-keiko, you need to turn back and do another cut. But before heading for the second one, you need to take ONE MORE STEP first. If you turn and cut immediately, you lost the distance and posture. Also there is no pause when you turn for the next cut - you can do it slowly but not stopping in the middle. Everything should be done as a smooth flow.


Besides the flu I am having, everything was alright. I remember last night at UCL Gibson was telling the beginners not to perform fumikomi underneath their whole body - but more forward. Light bulbs came up when he said that. Like today, I can cut so much further just because I step OUT and not on the spot.

I got Matsuoka and Inuzuka-senpai SHODACHI!! HAHAHHAHAAAA. Takizawa-san (aka Ai, who attends Hizen/Wakaba) started to join in every week at Nenriki and trains with me every single practice. It was good today with 3 girls in the dojo, at last!! Anyway, Takizawa was complaining that the other two Japanese senpai were not fighting her seriously. NOW that I got both of them SHODACHI as a warning to them!! Usually I can focus very well in Jikeiko for 10 sec and do very strong cuts - but after that time limit I just ran out. Lost a lot of Ai-men or Debana waza. Especially to Takizawa... because she is actually much shorter than me...

Yooooshi----!! Squad training this weekend. Probably my last dance.

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