Friday, July 13, 2007

Excitement, and Not Training-related

It's 1.45am. Apart from having a few glasses of beer ^n during the simple farewell keiko dinner with Naganawa-san, and being battered by yondan ninja Minejima-san during demo shinsa tachiai, I am more excited to present you with:-

This week's Metropop. Metropop is a weekly magazine published every Thursday from Metro (same newspaper on underground/ subway trains globally). Hong Kong is the experimental city to lanuch such a weekly mag, and according to published statistics, it has a local circulation of 118,462.

There you see my work. Not the most brilliant, but probably most read, so far:-

Just an ad for a concert of a local orchestra, alongside with many other ads in the mag. Not sure I'm so willing to show it off... Their whole campaign is driving me nuts - as I've been typesetting for 101 music pieces' listing for the entire week - reason why I was late fro kendo today!!

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