Friday, February 16, 2007

Welcome to Year 2007


Within the first 2 weeks of my job hunt, I received an offer from a decent graphic design studio. I've also spent an afternoon chatting with the director of one of the top 3 studio in town. He gave me invaluable advice on surviving in the local design scene, adding to the positive thinking and confidence transferred from that conversation.

Anyway, after the Chinese New Year holiday in the coming weekend, and finishing the remaining mundane freelance projects, I'll be working in a design team that values my creative work.

...Which also means that I can go to regular training now. At the last minute, I signed myself up for the Asian Tournament. It seems like 99% membership of our dojo is going to take part in it, and there's no reason now for me to just stand there and watch!

Happy New Year everyone. Did you notice I've changed to yet? The 13th WKC special site is still under construction. I should get it done over the holiday really...


Ivan said...

I really like your design graphics -- very visually pleasing. Congratulations for the new job and wish you every sucess in the new year!

Mingshi said...

Thank you for your support, Ivan :)