Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Big Loop

Do you remember this lap on the map? (the blue one)

Yesterday at 7.30pm I tried running the full lap once more. I've been jogging along the riverside on the days I can't kendo. It's been a while since I time myself.

Stopwatch that shows my time, without stopping in the middle:-

Yes I made the full round - within half a year of running!!

I was accompanied by quite a lot of other runners going anti-clockwise: a group of 20 students from the nearby sports college, a group of 10 firemen from the nearby fire station, plus 5 people wearing the same "Standard Charter Marathon '06" t shirt!

The Asian Tournament shares the same date as the Standard Charter Marathon (much like the New York one, marathon around town), which is this weekend! Time to pump up!

1 comment:

Vivian Yung said...

Jenny, looks like you are keeping fit for the Hong Kong taikai this weekend. Looking forward to meeting you again this weekend!!!