Sunday, April 23, 2006


Not sure if this is some sort of accomplishment, but for both March & April, I've been making to keiko twice every week. This month 3 of them were squad sessions (minimum requirement for WKC selection). I also exercise at home regularly, like today it was 2000 rope-jumps, a 800m run, 100 sit-ups and a few push-ups. We got introduced to the "latex strip" which I did a few sets of 100 while watching TV.

They've been changing practise patterns, but still it goes non-stop. Now our coach barely stopped the class and explain. The only thing I remember him saying was, "What are you doing? I told you!"

It's sad that when the group practice finishes after that 1 hour with yakusoku-uchikomi-keiko, I so couldn't stand it and had to step out during jikeiko time. At most managing 2 keiko, but the others were really queuing in and fighting. I don't know why I want to watch when there's no one pushing me.

Sumi Masatake sensei came last Thurs and then the squad when with him to Beijing this weekend. That session was only about 10 times of 3-set-5-cut variation of kirikaeshi, plus 4 times uchikomi keiko. The key was breath control (again!) and I know K-sensei was not happy about mine. I think I did 10 sets of 5-cut kirikaeshi in front of him alone... Argh.

For 30-mins I queued for Sumi-sensei, and I was the next one up when they said YAME. Damn. But it's so good watching him. At least he is passionate and encouraging, no matter you just started or you're nanadan.

My last jikeiko with K-sensei follows the same old pattern, all excited > exhausted > frustrated > got pinched to the wall > got pinched to the other wall > people shouting GANBATTE JENNY > erhm I don't remember. It's all drama and you just can't rationalize it.

But this is probably nothing comparing to what will come in Fukuoka in June. I doubt how I can take the training camp. Will I break down or drop down first?

My scale reads 99 lbs. Must be the summer heat. Need loads of icecream and gain more weight!!

Off to Thailand this week. For a bit of change I'm not taking my bogu - I'll have to learn swimming instead.

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