Friday, March 31, 2006

Is That My Final Answer?

Being indecisive has only one advantage, it allows you to change your mind 180-degree when you weren't really thinking hard enough before.

...After considering various scenerios and talking to a few people about my concerns (as in previous entry), I felt a lot less confused and finally sent my name on the 13th WKC selection list. (on the day of the deadline)

I thought about, at least before Aug, the options I can have at freelance that can keep me going.

I thought about the benefits of travelling with the team. It's probably a mistake not to go on the trip with Sumi-sensei to Beijing coming next month. Apparently government fundings had made everything in budget. Sorry folks but that gets into my non-kendo tour in Thailand late Apr.

I thought about looking really fit and muscular in the summer.

I thought about getting kicked out before the selection -but maybe signing up will actually fire up my commitment..!

I thought about working on my Sandan.

I thought about the little lecture Sumi-sensei gave out last time... That thing he said about Zanshin, being able to get up and go again after being knock down. What an inspiring way of thinking.

I thought about making the next squad, still probably can't make Sun morning but should be ok next Tues.


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