Sunday, January 22, 2006

Total Suckage!!

With my bogu bag packed and standing right in front of the door, at 9am this morning, I decided not to go to squad's shiai practice this Sun morning (with the local Japanese). For the entire week I've been sneezing, blowing my nose, folding tissues into buckets of won-ton... I've already taken the last 2 days off "work" and thought I catch up a little on that now!

Kendo rule no. 1 = stay healthy.

P.S. I've been back in Hong Kong for a year now... Not progressing much in many aspects of life, but did learn a lot about myself.


Anonymous said...

I've been suffering from shin splints since August. I have a minitiature fracture in my left leg. The doctors can't tell when it will heal, all I can do is "rest". Haven't done kendo since August (still can do iaido, thank God).

So it's not that bad for you ;)

Anonymous said...

OK~ I think I need to introduce myself first. I am also a Kumdo or Kendo practitioner in Seoul. Love surfing the internet searching for the Kumdo pictures or writing. And happen to come to your site. Happy to meet you in the net. Hope I can share a lot with you. ^^*