Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Show Off Stuff...

So from now all the way to the future 3 years, I'm a certified first-aider. Whoo-hoo!!

Also today I secured another freelance design project, and it kinda balanced out my "income" for this month. Since I don't have to work full-time in an office, I'll probably go to keiko as often as I can, and should be quite up for the Asian Tournament coming up.

Uhmm that accidental background of the photo above with my Nihongo textbook, reminds me of my next test 2 days after the tournament... argh!!

As I got this first month of 2006 sorted, it seems to be a good start for the year. Finally good luck is coming to me!


For the troublesome Mr Anonymous, here's the other side of the coin. Are you not satisfied???


Anonymous said...


What textbook is that by the way? At uni we use "genki", made by the Japan Times.

Best. Handbook. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that!
Yes, this year seems good for you. I wish all the good luck for the whole year!

And yes, keep going to keiko, because before I consider you my rival I want to see your performance in the Asian Cup.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You're very lucky already!
And more luck coming this year...! wow!
Btw, is not there lots of Japanese colleagues in your dojo? Ask them to teach you Nihongo...

Mingshi said...

1. uhmm. Nihongo book = Minna no Nihongo - 3A Corporation.

2. Yeah. Alright, alright. I know who are you now, Mr Mysterious.

3. Yes there are Japanese in the dojo. But they are either schoolkids, kendo moms, 6Dan+ sensei or busy businessmen... Anyway I am doing ok for now. Maybe I'll need them before taking JPLT 4kyu.

Thanks all. Strange that there are actually so many people lurking over here regularly. But it also feels like I've been either talking with 3 imaginary friends, or there's a terribly bored 12-year-old keep typing comments on my blog...!!

Anonymous said...

Not only good luck is coming in 2006, lot of stalkers coming together!
Be careful, mingshi.

Anonymous said...

Just noted that the card did not have any Chinese words.
That is really weird, Hong Kong now is part of China, is it a kinda of westernization that is happening in that country??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the edit!

But still is weird, your name should be in Chinese words at least... or, they could use Jenny, it would be a better choice!

Anonymous said...

We won't be satisfied until we see more casual Jenny pics instead of bleeding feet :-X

musashi said...

this is why i dont like blogspot/blogger...

can you even track ips here? maybe all those anonymous comments come from the same person... maybe not.

happy new year jenny.

Anonymous said...

Can just say that should be at least 2 different anonymous.
But, who cares? Our appreciation for this nice blog is what matters! Go mingshi!