Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Iai alone

Haven't done ANYTHING practically for my iaido practice lately. I did ask Eda-sensei about it, as she is the secretary of the HK association. She mentioned a name briefly but I didn't have a chance to get further info...

Last Sat I also heard a sempai saying, "Phew, I just came for a 2nd round.. I was with Kishigawa-sensei practising Iaido..." Just why the hell did I not ask him about it?!?!

The other night when I couldn't sleep, I tried to run thru the koryu Sahla-sensei taught me the day before I left. I found out my memory on the koryu kata is ...starting... to .. fade...

Therefore as a temporary solution I booked a squash court in a government-run gym one traffic light across where I live. For 1 hour off-peak it was only HK$36... which is around GBP 2.5!!! This afternoon at 2.58pm I got changed at home and walked over there in full hakama+keikogi.

For seitei #1-12 I ran through approximately 5 times each. Did some kihon exercise as well. But the koryu kata really bothers me. I didn't practice much in the UK already, and I can't recall the fine details now....... Guess it's time to order a book... urgh

And I do seriously need to find out about Kishigawa sensei's practice (and if he does a different koryu than Muso Shinden Ryu, I am doomed..)

My new profile pic was taken after 1-hr practice outside the gym in the park. That's my neighbourhood on the background.

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