Sunday, February 20, 2005

"Education is endless"

This afternoon I used 3 hrs just to make a return journey from home to the dojo on the island side of HK. It was a "helpers' seminar" aiming to prepare people to do time-keeping, scoreboarding and other bits for the HK Asian Invitational Tournament coming the next weekend.

Initially I find it is a waste of time as I have LOADS of experience helping out at the courts, especially I had been doing 3 ful days of ribbon-tying (including doing role-calls for upcoming players) at the 12th WKC.

Those few sensei there and other seniors have indeed made things ever so complicated. In the UK you only need to sit there and do it. Are HK people more retarded??

Though there are a few things I learnt today:-

1) Eda-sensei has made me a Cantonese-English translator... I haven't made a decent conversation in English for a month, and yet she dragged me to sit next to a foreigner/beginner to explain what is going on.

2) At the shinai check, there are some dodgy people who would wet the tsukagawa and therefore making their shinai slightly heavier!! Be careful for those who do shinai-checks...!

Yeah, so I did learn something today.

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