Monday, December 14, 2009


It has been 3 weeks since I last practice.

Yeah I am back in kendo again. Probably the 3rd time I showed up in the dojo since my recovery.

I got a clean x-ray for my ankle in Oct, and did a 10km run here in Guangzhou just to celebrate!

Kendo is really one of those things you can't just stop and give up.

We were all at Leo's wedding last night. That's a dojo mate's big day and everyone was crazy and drunk as usual. In between (so many) glasses of wine, I had a good conversation with the girls who are joining the HK Ladies keikokai in Jan. It is encouraging that they are pushing this idea forward, and asking me to join (despite my long absence and record of injuries).

Now it's up for me to manage the limited time I have in HK on the weekends. I know very well that I cannot train at the same level as I used to have, but at least it is something I want to keep doing.

(For the past few weeks I've considered giving kendo a very long break)

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