Sunday, April 12, 2009


As you may know, I had a stupid accident last Friday, leaving me with a torn ligament on my right ankle. Now I am not able to walk at home even...

So again, it's a time to give up vigorous exercise for a while. Not sure why the older I get, I had more accidents than when I was a naughty kid...!!

It takes time to heal...


Back from hospital after a week of swelling pain. X ray shows my ankle is FRACTURED...!!

Just a small crack, but enough to send me into sleepless pain.

So I am now at home with a big plaster cast. Well done!!


Anton said...

Hello my name is Anton.
Check your e-mail.

Mad Dog said...

Sorry to hear of your ankle injury: I hope it doean't keep you out of training too long. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Mingshi said...

Will be back to kendo in Aug. Watched a day of kendo taikai toady and I can only feel the itch...!

Wayde said...

I know it's painful when you've got to sit on the sidelines injured while everyone else is training, you just want to get amongst it.
Good Luck with the recovery!