Friday, August 29, 2008


A 2-week break and I'm back to keiko.

On a regular Thurs in QE Stadium I expect a good session, but... WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE??

That was just me and David doing some kihon. Very Quiet especially with my minimal kiai...

As usual I'm a bit lost after not picking up a shiai for a while. It's no good getting reminded to stay in the centre all the time.

The 4 of us (with Eda sensei and little Gareth actually) headed off to the local Korean School and watched some friendly shiai - between the HK squad and some young guns from the city of Cheongju. Their kumdo were solid, enough to make everyone on my side panick and attack unnecessarily... The squad really has a lot to catch up with.


Perry said...

OK, off topic, but the "attack negativity" thing is just brilliant. Did you do that?

Mingshi said...

My friend Abe-san informed me about it, so the widget is on!